Engenuity Group Homes Office - Westgate C.R.A



                                                                                              ♦Engineering Department

Tara Bamber, P.E.                      Project Manager

Ms. Bamber has experience in land development and water resources projects involving civil and environmental engineering.  She has designed, permitted and performed construction administration for residential developments, roadway improvement and commercial site projects.  She has also been involved in large scale Stormwater analysis projects. Recently, she has gained experience in program management as well.

Richard Brown, E.I.                          Project Manager

Mr. Brown joined Engenuity Group, Inc. in March of 2018. He has over fifteen years of experience as a civil, traffic, and construction engineer, specializing in educational and governmental facilities in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County regions. He is responsible for design and planning preparations for a variety of water, sewer, paving, grading and drainage projects.

Maryori Velasco                            Project Engineer

Ms. Velasco is a Civil Engineer, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. She is a seasoned project engineer with experience and knowledge in construction and exhibition.  Ms. Velasco has established a reputation as a great leader with the ability to communicate effectively in carrying out projects in a timely and cost effetive manner. Her methods to execute and achieve succesful outcome our tested and prooved. She is an efficient Civil Engineer with experience in roadway and traffic engineering, and who is knowledgable in government regulations and drafting. Ms. Velasco is an excellent problem solver with great analytical skills. 

Kender Louisius                          Project Engineer

Mr. Louisius joined the Engenuity Group team after his graduation from Florida Atlantic University in 2017.  He graduated with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Geomatics (Land Surveying). Mr Louisius is one our Engenuity Group’s most versatile employees. He can lead a survey crew collecting data for a project, use autocad to create the basemap, then apply his skills as an engineer to create the design plans

Mr. Louisius also handles GIS tasks, and processes drone imagery to create ortho rectified digital aerials.

                                                                                                    ♦Survey Department

Jennifer Malin, P.S.M.
Director of Survey

Mrs. Malin is a Registered Land Surveyor in the State of Florida with over 15 years of experience. She has been working at Engenuity Group, Inc. since graduating from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Geomatics in 2003 and has a superior understanding of surveying and mapping concerns in South Florida. Mrs. Malin began her career as an intern with Engenuity Group, Inc. and is now the Director of the Surveying Department. Mrs. Malin is a seasoned AutoCAD Drafter and always produces a superior quality of service in a timely manner.  Her experience ranges from Boundary Surveys to Topographic Surveys, Alta Surveys, Bathymetric Surveys, Plats, Sketch and Descriptions and As-built Surveys.

John Rice, P.S.M.                              Senior Project Manager 

Mr. Rice recently joined Engenuity Group, Inc. in March of 2018. He is a licensed Land Surveyor in the State or Florida with over 4o years of experience. He is responsible for the production of plat reviews, and Sketch and Descriptions. He is experienced with Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Plats, and As-built Surveys.  

Joe Williams                                      Project Manager

Mr. Williams has nineteen years of experience in the surveying industry and has worked with Engenuity Group since February of 2014. He is a vital part of the Engenuity Group surveying team. He is in charge of overseeing projects . Mr Williams also has obtained his commercial drone license. Aerial imagery gathered by the drone is used to quality control the field crew's work. Mr. Williams is also Engenuity Group's safety officer. He performs daily safety checks and holds quarterly safety meetings.  

Paul Peroulakis                                Crew Coordinator 

Mr. Peroulakis is in charge of overseeing all crew coordinations and scheduling of job locations. He communicates with clients to make sure crew preform their work in a timely and professional manner. He has over 13 years experience in different types of surveys including topogrpahic surveys, tree surveys, boundary surveys, construction stake out, as-built surveys, route surveys, and cross sections of roads, canals, and lakes.  His patience as a teacher has been vital to training new Engenuity Group field staff to become contributing members.

Robert Bednar                                AutoCAD Technician

Mr. Bednar joined the Engenuity Group team in the later part of 2017. He comes to us with a long history of cad design skills honed in both the academic world and the professional world. He assists the Engenuity Group surveying department in the production of a variety of surveying deliverables including boundary surveys, topographic surveys and tree surveys. His specialty is the preparation of as-built drawings.

Mariah Anderson                      AutoCAD Technician 

Ms. Anderson is a recent addition to the Engenuity Group survey department. She has an A.A.S.  in  C.A.D./B.I.M. technology  from South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia Washington. She has experience in a variety of CAD disciplines, but assists in the production of survey base maps for design. Her attention to detail and understanding of the project goals makes her a tremendous asset to the team.

City of West Palm Beach- El Monte neighborhood                                                                                                           City of West Palm Beach- Roosevelt Estates                                                                                                                  City of West Palm Beach- Datura and Evernia Street                                                                                                North-South Road- Asbuilts

Adam Beck                                    AutoCAD Technician 

Mr. Beck joined Engenuity Group's survey team in November of 2017 as a field crew member and is now an AutoCAD Technician. Graduating with a major in graphic design and surveying experience he comes to us with a superior understanding of surveying and mapping concerns in South Florida. a superior understanding of surveying and mapping concerns in South Florida.  


Derek Saffold                                          Crew Chief

Mr. Saffold is a crew chief and has 10 years of experience in a variety of surveying and survey related efforts. Prior to his tenure with Engenuity Group, he worked on a subsurface utility locates truck handling the survey portion of the effort. He also worked on the North Dakota Crude Oil and natural gas pipeline. Since arriving at Engenuity Group, Mr. Saffold has been promoted to crew chief.  He excels in topographic, route, and boundary surveys. His patience as a teacher has been vital to training new Engenuity Group field staff to become contributing members. He is also badged to work at the Palm Beach International Airport- Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) Certified with CSX Railroad Safety Course. Some of the recent projects he has worked on include, but are not limited to-

Rock Island Road Route Survey                            Wellington- Water treatment Plant Topographic Survey                 El Monte Neighborhood Route Survey                 Okeeheelee Park Wake Board Facility Topographic Survey                                   Clubhouse at North Palm Beach Country Club Topographic Survey

James Hager                                  Crew Chief

Mr.  Hager is a second generation surveyor with  over twenty years of experience in all types of surveying including boundary surveys, topographic surveys, construction stake out, as-built surveys, route surveys, and cross sections of roads, canals, and lakes.  His versatility allows him to be equally comfortable on a construction site, a route survey in the middle of the city, or a large scale topographic survey of pine lands and palmetto scrub. Some of the recent projects that Mr. Hager has worked on include, but are not limited to- 

Village of Palm Springs- Lift Station Topographic Survey                                                                               Townhomes of Highland Beach - Boundary and Topographic Survey                                                                      Palm Beach Gardens Driver’s license Office- Boundary, Topographic and Tree survey                                                Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s Office-  Construction Stakeout and Asbuilts                                                          Lake Worth Casino Building Upper Deck- Rehabilitation Construction Asbuilts                                                            Future 7-11 site at Pratt Whitney Road and Orange boulevard- Boundary, Topographic and Tree Survey   

Reggie Bailey                                      Crew Chief

Mr. Bailey has over thirteen years of experience in surveying with Engenuity Group, Inc. His patience as a teacher has been vital to training new Engenuity Group field staff to become contributing members. Over his years of surveying, he has gained extensive experience in topographic surveys, boundary surveys, construction staking, and tree surveys. Some of the recent projects that Mr. Bailey has worked on include, but are not limited to –

Norton Art Museum Construction Staking                               FAU Tennis Court Construction Staking              Boynton Beach North & South Road Construction Staking    Greenbriar Blvd Topographic Survey            Mediterranean Lift Station Topographic Survey                      Buttonwood Plaza Boundary and Topographic Survey

Nick Harbula                                      Crew Chief   

Mr. Harbula has over thirteen years of experience. His patience as a teacher has been vital to training new Engenuity Group field staff to become contributing members. He has experience in a vast amount of surveys including topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and route surveys. Some of the recent projects that Mr. Harbula has worked on include, but are not limited to –

Rushy Marsh Farm Topographic and Boundary Survey          Boynton Beach Water Treatment Boundary Survey North Palm Beach Aviation Airport Topographic Survey        SWA Warehouse Topographic and Boundary Survey                                        PBC Credit Union Topographic and Boundary Survey


Lissette Rodriguez
Accounting Services Manager

Ms. Rodriguez is the Accounting Services Manager at Engenuity Group and has been at her position since 2006.  As a Project Account Manager she is resonsible for all phases of project accounting for both engineering and surveying. She creates and monitors project budgets for variances and discrepancies. Ms. Rodrigez manages sub consultant's records, project billing, projection and collection. She is also in charge of other company departments: accounts payable/receivable, company payroll, human resources and general accounting. Ms Rodrizeg graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico.

Bradley Jackson
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Mr. Jackson is the Director of Marketing and Administration at Engenuity Group and works with clients to establish and maintain relationships. He is in charge of RFQ’s, bids, social/internet marketing, attending conferences, and setting up vendor presentations to benefit clients, as well as many other administrative tasks throughout the office. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science from the Dedman School of Hospitality in the College of Business at Florida State University.

If you would like to receive any information about the firm or have any questions please contact Mr. Jackson. 

If you would like to collaborate on a project or submittal or would like to request a quote for services, please contact Mr. Jackson. 

Cheyenne Arana                  Admistrative Assistant

Ms. Arana is the Administrative Assistant and Receptionst at Engenuity Group, and brings a bright and positive energy to the office. Her daily tasks include responding to telephone calls, office upkeep, preparing plans for clients, delivery of documents, and many other means of assistance to Engineering and Surveying staff. Cheyenne goes to school full time at Everglades University, majoring in Alternative & Renewable Energy Management. Graduating in early 2019, she has plans to become LEED certified soon after, with the hopes of catering to the environment in order to preserve biodiversity and the wellbeing of our community.