Engenuity Group Homes Office - Westgate C.R.A



Chad Girard, P.E.
Senior Project Manager

Mr. Girard started working with Engenuity Group, Inc. in April of 2017 as a senior project manager. He previously worked with the School District of Palm Beach County, and in a private practiced prior to that. He has extensive experience with municipal and private projects. He is responsible for design and plans preparation for a variety of water, sewer, paving, grading and drainage projects associated with municipal and private development projects. 

He can be reached at cgirard@engenuitygroup.com

Joe Williams
Crew Coordinator

Mr. Williams has nineteen years of experience on surveying crews and has worked with Engenuity Group since February of 2014. He lives in Port St. Lucie and is a dependable and vital part of the Engenuity Group surveying team. He is in charge of overseeing all crew coordingtion and scheduling of job locations. He communicates with clients to make sure crews perform their work in a timely and professional manner. Joe is also an excellent AutoCAD drafter and utilizes the software on a daily basis.

He can be reached at joewilliams@engenuitygroup.com

Jennifer Malin
Director of Survey

Mrs. Malin  is a Registered Land Surveyor in the State of Florida.  She has been working at Engenuity Group, Inc. since 2003 and has a superior understanding of surveying and mapping concerns in South Florida. She is a seasoned AutoCAD Drafter and always produces a superior quality of service in a timely manner. 

She can be reached at jmalin@engenuitygroup.com

Luis Santaliz
Project Surveyor

Mr. Santaliz earned his B.S. in Surveying and Topographic Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. He has proven to be an expert at drafting with the latest AutoCAD software, creating record drawings for a variety of construction projects, and is proficient with other programs such as MATLAB, Opus, and GIS Mapping software. He has previously worked in Puerto Rico for his University surveying the campus and working in their laboratory as a technician.

He can be reached at lsantaliz@engenuitygroup.com

Tara Bamber
Project Manager

Mrs. Bamber has experience in land development and water resources projects involving civil and environmental engineering.  She has designed, permitted and performed construction administration for residential developments, roadway improvement and commercial site projects.  She has also been involved in large scale Stormwater analysis projects. Recently, she has gained experience in program management as well.

She can reached at tbamber@engenuitygroup.com

Maryori Velasco

Project Engineer

Maryori Velasco is a Civil Engineer and a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. She performs drafting services using AutoCAD software for both public and private clients. 

Lissette Rodriguez
Accounting Manager

Lissette Rodriguez is the Accounting Manager at Engenuity Group and has been at her position since 2006.

She can be reached at lrodriguez@engenuitygroup.com

Bradley Jackson
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Mr. Jackson is the Director of Marketing and Administration at Engenuity Group and works with clients to establish and maintain relationships. He is in charge of RFQ’s, bids, social/internet marketing, attending conferences, and setting up vendor presentations to benefit clients, as well as many other administrative tasks throughout the office. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science from the Dedman School of Hospitality in the College of Business at Florida State University.

If you would like to receive any information about the firm or have any questions he can be reached at bjackson@engenuitygroup.com.

If you would like to collaborate on a project or submittal or would like to request a quote for services, please contact Mr. Jackson.