Engenuity Group Homes Office - Westgate C.R.A



C. Andre Rayman, P.S.M.

Andre Rayman is proud to be a fourth generation land surveyor. Upon graduating from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Surveying and Mapping, he joined the firm in 1988 and became a Partner and Vice President in 2005. Today, Mr. Rayman serves as President of Engenuity Group.  Andre still oversees and contributes to the firm's survey and mapping departments. His extensive experience includes the development of land use maps for condemnation for South Florida Water Management District, court hearings, as well as the development of digital map and database for the City of West Palm Beach. A respected figure in the industry, Mr. Rayman serves on various boards, committees and professional societies.

Lisa Tropepe, P.E                                  Vice President

Lisa Tropepe has a statewide reputation for her engineering expertise and her community leadership. She was appointed to the State Environmental Regulation Commission by Governor Jeb Bush and presided over setting the Phosphorus Standards in the Everglades. She served on the Town Commission of Palm Beach Shores from 2003-2018 including years as the Town’s Vice Mayor. Lisa is also a Past President of The Palm Beach League of Cities.

Ms. Tropepe is the Town Engineer and Consulting Engineer for numerous municipalities including Ocean Ridge. Palm Springs, Jupiter Island and is the past District Engineer for Indian Trail Improvement District.

Ms. Tropepe is known as an innovator when dealing with aging infrastructure and complex infill projects. In 2005, she received the Technical Achievement Award from the Florida Engineering Society for a stormwater pumping project in Ocean Ridge and the 2010 South Florida Business Leader “Women Extraordinare” Award.

Ms. Tropepe specializes in projects which may have technical, permitting or public relations problems. She has successfully completed dozens of projects on time and on budget.

Keith B. Jackson, P.E.
Vice President

Keith Jackson has extensive experience in design, permitting and the construction of various civil engineering projects for both private and governmental clients. A graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Mr. Jackson is a Vice President of Engenuity Group and has consulted on major projects for over twenty six years.

Mr. Jackson was named “Engineer of the Year” by the American Society of Civil Engineers Palm Beach County Chapter in 2006. As Project Manager and Director of Highway and Heavy Construction Division, Mr. Jackson is  responsible for engineering all coordination, design and permitting for roadways and other major civil works.

Mr. Jackson is an active member of the Florida Engineering Society, (serving as Palm Beach County Chapter president 1987-1988), the American Society of Engineers and is an active member of numerous industry associations.

Adam Swaney, P.E.                    Director of Engineering

Adam Swaney has extensive experience includes projects with both public and private sector clients. He is responsible for managing the projects of the Engineering Department including roadway, water distribution systems, sanitary sewer and stormwater design and modeling, various agency permitting, and construction administration.

Jennifer Malin, P.S.M.
Director of Surveying

Ms. Malin is a Registered Land Surveyor in the State of Florida with over 15 years of experience. She has been working at Engenuity Group, Inc. since graduating from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Geomatics in 2003 and has a superior understanding of surveying and mapping concerns in South Florida. Ms. Malin began her career as an intern with Engenuity Group, Inc. and is now the Director of the Surveying Department. Ms. Malin is a seasoned AutoCAD Drafter and always produces a superior quality of service in a timely manner.  Her experience ranges from Boundary Surveys to Topographic Surveys, Alta Surveys, Bathymetric Surveys, Plats, Sketch and Descriptions and As-built Surveys.