Engenuity Group Homes Office - Westgate C.R.A


About Us

Engenuity Group, Inc., is an award winning Civil Engineering, Surveying and GIS Mapping Consulting Firm located in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. With over four decades of experience, Engenuity Group prides itself on providing superior service, experienced personnel, and technically advanced deliverables in order to perform to our clients' utmost needs. We understand that it is the CLIENT that matters most!

Engenuity Group prides itself on tackling complicated situations by providing responsible solutions to problems. We have experience with private, governmental and institutional clients. From the conceptual phase to the construction certification of a project, Engenuity Group can handle the project.


It is our mission to provide clients with technically proficient, individualized services in a courteous manner. Engenuity Group staff include civil engineers, land surveyors and GIS mappers, offering you the support of an expert consultant in all phases of project development. We will skillfully guide your project from planning through design, permit approval and construction.

Engenuity Group is made up of twenty eight dedicated employees who have committed themselves to be the best civil engineering, surveying and GIS firm in the area.



With a specialty in municipal institutional consulting, Engenuity Group possesses a unique perspective to engineering and surveying. We routinely assist public agencies in design, survey, GIS, permitting, public presentations, consensus building and grant applications. In some cases, we act as both a designer and regulator, giving our client a well-rounded perspective.

Our commitment to "green" strategies is supported by our LEED accredited professionals and certified storm-water management inspectors on staff. We have a thorough understanding of green building techniques and the importance and complexity of complying with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and the upcoming Total Maximum Daily Loads permit requirements.